A special boutique hotel in an enchanting place


We are located on the eastern side of the Venetian harbor of Chania, perhaps the most charming neighborhood of the city, the old Riviera, to which the hotel owes its name.

Come and find us in the Old Port, opposite the magnificent Egyptian lighthouse. The location is prominent and privileged. Everything is within walking distance. Attractions such as the Lighthouse, the Venetian Neoria (historic shipping yards), the Sailing Club, the Grand Arsenal , the Giali-Tzamissi-Mosque, as well as a myriad of cafes, bars, restaurants, fish taverns, all right at your feet.

A magical portal opened inside my mind and conducted me into an astonishing world...
Nikos Kazantzakis, Report to Greco

A few years ago, at the junction of Sarpidonos & Akti Union Street where our hotel is reflected in the sea, you would have had the opportunity to see fishermen mending their nets or spongers from the island of Kalymnos drying their sponges on the pavement.

A look at the modern, active neighbourhood will prove that this past is still alive.

Come and find us in the Old Port, opposite the magnificent Egyptian lighthouse and a few steps away from the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture and the Venetian Neoria. Imagine walking past the Ottoman Yali-Jamisi mosque through the labyrinth of the Old Town, visiting small and elegant shops with local products, cozy cafes, cocktail bars, quaint Greek restaurants, authentic fish taverns, discovering fragments of Chania's fascinating past...